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Extreme Cum Makeover  |  155 pics  |  20 min HD video



Series:Slime Wave

Duration:0:20:23 (scenes: 1)

Director:Stacy Silver




This new cutie is so hot that she probably doesn't even need to doll up with some make-up, but you know how girls are, and this sweetie thought she would just freshen up a bit today in the bathroom when all of a sudden she gets blasted by some cum right out of the gloryhole behind her! This chick was not expecting this kind of "attention" today, but like the good little Euro-freak she is, she of course has to go check it out, and what she finds will definitely be changing her plans for today! Looking fine in her shiny pink satin blouse and black leather pants, this chick shows off her true dicksucking desires as she quickly gets down on her knees to pleasure that cum squirting cock, and once she has proven her worth the cum starts flying, totally drenching this beauty's outfit, face, hair and everything, so she can forget all about looking fresh and fancy with her make-up! Once slimed up properly this chick take sit to the next level by wrapping her pussy all the way around that cock, and when she's so turned on she can barely take it anymore you'll find her squirming on the floor like one big pile of cum nastiness! Totally facialized is a look that totally works for this babe - now that's an extreme cum makeover!

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