Creamy Solo Piss Bitch
Starring: Leony Aprill | Site: leonyaprill
Niches: Messy Pee Pissing Masturbation Solo Leony aprill
Update: 06-08-2013 | Duration: 00:32:54 | Overall Rating: 9.43
Candy was trying to relax in the bathroom, but when she hears what she believes to be her boyfriend and some bitch fucking loudly, she obviously gets upset and comes out to discover Candy Blond, now by herself and looking mighty suspicious. Laetitia reaches down into Candy's pussy and discovers some hot, fresh cum, which she recognizes as her boyfriend's, and that means Candy is going to face the wrath of Laetitia's super intense Magic Wand vibrator! First Laetitia squirts slutty Candy's pants down in oil, and starts buzzing her clit over the pants, then her panties, and then onto her raw clit, which really brings Candy down to her knees and to an insanely intense orgasm, more than Leony's boyfriend could have ever provided! Candy can only take so much before she squeals in delight and has properly taken her "punishment", but Laetitia isn't done yet as she wants an orgasm herself. Laetitia's ass and pussy are oiled down and then she gets a taste of her own medicine, showing us her tanned, beautiful bubble ass as she reaches climax right over the urinals! Sometimes bad situations can turn into something absolutely beautiful and pleasing to all!
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