Gangster Honey Is Not Happy With Him

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Inspired by the Sopranos, Gina Kilmer's gone gangster and it's not long before Achiles is up to his nuts in debt! Gina sends her henchman Neo to bring him and when he gets there, he's already been bound and gagged with a plastic bag on his head and some tape around his neck. Gina rips it off and releases her own special brand of kinky street justice, binding, whipping, and using her 6-inch stiletto heels on a VERY tender part of Achiles, and it ain't his heel, that's for sure. Not for the faint of heart! All other's, get the hell on in!

Runtime22 minutes
ResolutionSD 540p
File formatmp4
File size365 MB
Picture count150
Level of qualityhigh end
Language in movie English